Jen & Frank Features

Hollywood Buzz – Tune in every weekday at :45 past the hour as Jen gives the latest dirt & gossip on all your favorite Celebs straight from her spies in Hollywood!

It’s Stupid Survey Monday – JEN & FRANK want to know your answers to the stupidest of questions…like how often do you change the sheets on your bed TO how many pairs of underwear you own… Give us your answers every Monday at 7:10 am!

Weigh in Wednesday – JEN & FRANK ask you to WEIGH-IN on the hot topic of the day.  It can be something that’s going on in your life or a listener that needs help with a dilemma. Weigh in with your opinion each Wednesday.

Grandma LU – Every Thursday JEN’s real grandmother, Grandma LU recites a lyric from a popular song that’s played on XLO.  Just be the first person to call-in and identify the song title and artist to win a great prize! Each and every Thursday at 7:10 am

FREE ADVICE FRIDAY – Listeners will email or text in to JEN & FRANK with something that they need help with… everything from what to do when your college aged daughter wants breast implants for her graduation gift to should I invite my EX husband to my upcoming wedding?  You can add your two cents Fridays at 7:10 am


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