Jen & Frank chat with Worcester native, Ricky Duran about his new song and music video that are out and his Facebook live show he is doing on December 9th.

Jen and Frank chat with HGTV Mega-star, Johnathon Scott, about solar panels and how some companies are trying to stop them.

Jen & Frank check in with Sarah from NH to get the weekly Bachelorette recap!

Jen & Frank talk to Worcester City Manager, Ed Agustus, about the hospital opening back up at the DCU center, the virtual Christmas tree lighting in the common, and where do all the leaves go once they’re picked up.

Jen & Frank chat with Tiger King’s Carol Baskin, contestant on this season’s Dancing with the Stars!

Jen & Frank chat with AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys about his Podcast – Pretty Messed Up & his time on Dancing with the Stars!


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